My dream come true

Born in Sinaloa, Mexico, 1961, designer Dionicia Cota Briseño is known in the fashion design industry from Tijuana to the San Diego Bay area for her exquisite and elegant confections of silk faille gowns. Growing up in the small town of Amohe, in a modest household upbringing, Dionicia learned her first sewing techniques from her mother as she made clothes for the entire family. It was at this time that she discovered her love and passion for fashion design. Dionicia has always had a strong affinity for the 1930s design trends. She made her first suit confection for her beloved doll Elizabeth in a soft pastel pink color.

As her passion for design was implacable, Dionicia formally enrolled at Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) for her first fashion design class in 1978. Her Professor grew fond of Dionicia’s tenacity in pattern development, her outmost sewing abilities and her eagerness to learn more.

In 1980 Dionicia left her hometown of Ahome in pursuit of new career opportunities at the border town of Tijuana. In 1997 she was offered employment at Fox Studios in Popotla, Rosarito. This was a dream come true, as Dionicia had to duplicate, re-design, and sew antique dresses that were worn by Hollywood actresses during the filming of the movie Titanic.

In 1998, Dionicia inaugurated her first boutique in San Diego, California, but closed within two years, as she needed to care for her four children. During this time, Dionicia met Alexia Maria, a well-known fashion designer in Hollywood with stores in La Jolla, California and New York. Dionicia taught Alexia Maria pattern development, sewing techniques, and the intricacies of running a fashion design business.

Dionicia’s goal is to re-open her business and teach her skills to students seeking a fashion design career.